1. What is CBD and what can it do for me?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids, as well as other botanical compounds, to be found in the cannabis plant. ‘Hemp’ refers to the cannabis plant strain from which we derive CBD as the primary ingredient of RAIN products. 

CBD is non-psychoactive. There is both scientific research and substantial anecdotal and experiential reporting to suggest that CBD has beneficial effects in helping to alleviate anxiety and stress, reduce inflammation, improve mood and help facilitate better sleep.

2. Is it legal?


CBD and all non-psychoactive cannabinoids are 100% legal in the UK. This is also the case in most countries now - although there are several notable exceptions so be mindful of these before travelling with RAIN products. 

THC and CBN are not legal in the UK, as they are both psychoactive. RAIN products contain neither of these.

3. What does ‘broad-spectrum’ mean?

‘Broad-spectrum’ refers to the breadth of cannabinoids found in a given ‘CBD’ product alongside pure Cannabidiol itself. 

4. How do broad-spectrum products differ from ‘CBD isolate’ or ‘rich hemp extract’?

This is an important distinction to look for when seeking out high quality CBD products. 

There is growing evidence (and long established industry consensus) that the most effective CBD products include not just CBD isolate but the other cannabinoids as well. This is known as the ‘entourage effect’. It’s why, although many products may market themselves as ‘pure’ CBD, this ‘purity’ represents an inferior product as no entourage effect is achieved. Also, the market price of the raw CBD materials themselves is significantly lower for CBD isolate than it is for the highest quality broad-spectrum distillate we use. ‘Rich hemp extract’ is terminology commonly used to denote isolate.

Consumers may also come across products which advertise themselves as ‘full-spectrum’. This would technically mean that they contain every cannabinoid, including THC and CBN. As well as this being a legally grey area to fall within, even if products contain the less than the 0.2% THC many consider to constitute a legal product, that amount is arguably negligible. Even still, that amount represents both a business and consumer risk - particularly for drug-tested athletes and individuals with an understandable interest in avoiding consumption of psychoactive cannabinoids. 

5. What are terpenes and how can they help me?

As well as the cannabinoids, there are also a different class of over one hundred distinct hydrocarbon compounds within hemp / cannabis plants and these are known as ‘terpenes’. 

Terpenes are abundant throughout the natural world so that the same terpenes appear in not only cannabis / hemp but also lemons, lavender, cloves and eucalyptus and many more. The list of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits which share the same terpenes is very extensive. What varies is the concentrations therein and the combinations at play. It’s the linalool terpene, for example, which predominantly makes lavender smell like lavender and it’s the limonene terpene which makes lemons smell like lemons. 

What many people may be surprised to hear is that they are also to be found in cannabis. Terpenes are best known for their role in aroma and flavour. However, in the same way as the auxiliary cannabinoids assist the efficacy of CBD, so too do terpenes and these too are associated with specific therapeutic properties - not just aromatic and flavour effects. Because at RAIN we are dedicated to producing the highest quality, all natural products we can, we have carefully developed our terpene profiles in order to:

  • amplify the therapeutic properties of the product’s ‘entourage effect’ as far as possible
  • create aroma and flavour profiles using all natural compounds without including artificial flavourings or synthesised shortcuts

You’ll find a list of every terpene used included in a product on its respective page on our website, as well as an explanation of the potential benefits.

6. Why inhale CBD rather than use drops, capsules or any of the other forms available?

Inhalation is the most efficient or ‘bioavailable’ method of taking CBD - meaning more CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream than is the case when using sublingual (under the tongue) tincture liquids and far more than edibles or drinks. Research shows inhalation is generally around twice as efficient as using sublingual drops in this respect.

7. How much should I inhale and how often?

A three-second inhalation on a RAIN CLOUD pen will deliver approx 2mg CBD. You might find that, around three times per day, works as a good starting point but everyone’s tolerance level and physiology varies - so there is no ‘correct’ dose. 

We suggest you experiment and get to know what works best for you. 

If you inhale on the pen several times in quick succession, you may notice it begins to heat up. We suggest you let it cool down for thirty minutes or so if this happens - you'll get a better experience if the pen isn't over-heated.

8. How long do RAIN CLOUD pens last?

It varies according to personal use but each pen will provide about 90 two-second inhalations. There is 120mg of CBD in each 0.3ml pen.


9. Why do other inhalation pens contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin?

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used as inexpensive, commercially available liquid solvents to carry CBD so it can be inhaled. They also have additional respective qualities. 

Propylene glycol helps create more of a ‘hit’ on the back of the throat, which makes the inhalation experience more tangible. That effect can be satisfying to smokers / ex-smokers, in particular, who are looking to replace cigarettes. While PG is generally considered safe, it is an artificial chemical so it is difficult to know for certain how safe it is. 

Vegetable glycerin has a thickening effect on the vapour cloud exhaled. This creates a more visible  cloud, which some users may find satisfying. Neither PG or VG enhance the efficacy of CBD inhalation. With RAIN CLOUD we have uniquely replaced these substances with a terpene blend tailored to actively improve the efficacy of CBD using the well-documented botanical synergies which exist.

Because we are dedicated to keeping our products all-natural and prioritising cleanness as well as safety, we take care to create products which contain nothing extraneous and are optimised for therapeutic benefit.

10. I’m not sure I’m happy with what I’ve bought, what should I do?

We value and appreciate every product purchase and want you to love our products as much as we do. It’s important to us you’re happy with what you’ve received from RAIN - if you’re not, please get in touch and we’ll try to make it right: hello@raincbd.co.uk

11. I’d like to buy a RAIN product outside the UK and it’s not clear on the checkout page that’s possible - what can you do?

We need to be careful to ensure we’re not infringing regulations on CBD within jurisdictions where the law on our products may differ from the UK.

We also want to protect our customers from any lengthy or unexpectedly costly customs consequences from our shipping to them abroad. Drop us a line though and we’ll do our utmost to assist with a custom order if it’s feasible: hello@raincbd.co.uk



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